What is a Surety Bond?
This process is a contractual undertaking, which involves a bail bondsperson, an indemnitor, and the court. The courts tend to favor this form of release, because it guarantees that if the defendant fails to appear in court, someone (the bail agent) will make an immediate effort to find the defendant, apprehend him or her, and bring him or her back to the court of proper jurisdiction. By involving family and friends of the defendant, a bail bondsperson and the courts are reasonably assured of the defendant's appearance.

What is Cash Bail?

Cash bail means that the person who is trying to obtain the release of the defendant must deliver the full amount of bail in cash to the jail facility where the defendant is being detained.

What are Property Bonds?
Property bonds involve the placing of local real estate (homes only, no raw land or out-of-state homes) with the courts as security for the release of a defendant. This process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks, because it requires a judge's approval, a property appraisal, a comparable sales comparison, and the clerk's acceptance. However, most states do not accept property bonds.

What is "ROR" ?
Release on One's Own Recognizance is another method of release. It is given to defendants who have been in the community for many years, have solid jobs, strong family and community ties, and present little or no risk of flight. This release program is usually administered by a county agency or through a local law enforcement agency. A criminal history background check is performed, and a recommendation is given to the court based on those findings. This form of release is common only for first-time offenders and non-violent offenses. Since there is no financial or other security placed with the court to insure the defendant's return to court, there is little incentive for them to appear.

What is Electronic Monitoring and how does it work?
GPS Tracking continuously monitors an individual's location. Radio Frequency (Home Monitoring) continuously monitors an individual's proximity to the individual's home residence. Remote Alcohol Monitoring detects evidence of an individual's alcohol consumption on a continuous/scheduled/random/on-demand basis.
Electronic Monitoring is meant to provide a detailed record of an individual's whereabouts and hold them accountable after the fact.

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