Has a friend or family member been arrested or said they were going to jail?
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It would be helpful to have the correct spelling of their name, birth date, and county where they have been arrested. If you do not have this information we can still help you.

Also, you can perform your own search by clicking the "Locate Inmates" tab above to retrieve the bond amount, charges and other information that will assist our agent in helping you.

Our agents can help you in any county in the United States. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

How it works
In most states, a "bail bond agent" writes something like a "check" to the court, to the sheriff's office, or to the jail's "release window" for the entire amount of the bail amount so the defendant can get out of jail. The cost of this process is only a small part of the bond (usually about 10% of each bond, or 15% of a federal bond). There are also special charges for immigration bonds.(Call for Immigration Rates) However, if the defendant does not show up for court, the "bail bond agency" is then responsible for paying the entire amount of the defendant's bond to the court. That is why we often request collateral to assure that the defendant will show up for court.

How Long Will it Take?
Our agents are quick and efficient, utilizing 'state-of-art' computer equipment and services to process all applications and credit cards, delivering the necessary documents to get your friends and family released as quickly as possible. Then, it is up to the jail, or release center to take these documents (Power of Attorney) and release the defendant. How long it takes to release a defendant is often determined by how efficient the corrections officers are, and how many other people have been arrested before your friend or family member. Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights and holidays are usually very busy. Being realistic, in some counties it take between four to 10 hours after the "bail bond agent" has delivered the documents to the release center. Therefore, calling us as soon as possible with the information will help the defendant get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Follow Up
After the defendants are released from jail they are required to come in to our office within 24 hours to sign documentation and provide current contact information. This will help ensure court dates and changes will be mailed and received in a timely manner. Defendants are also required to contact our office within 24 hours if they have new contact information or address changes. Likewise, if the defendant plans on traveling out of town while out on bond they must notify us ahead of time.



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